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Bags book gives the desired overview knowledge of the history of change processes interested compact and easy to understand. Change management reasons, trace, and control. A new Pocket Guide is published in the Cornelsen Verlag, Berlin, is the name. In the book in West pocket-sized 126 pages, the three change expert Dr. Georg Kraus, Christel Becker Kolle and Thomas Fischer overview knowledge in terms of change management convey readers in compressed form.

They represent simple and understandable for laymen words how change processes are and how employees react to planned changes as change projects can be managed successfully. This is explained using many practical examples. The book consists of seven chapters. “In the first chapter, the three authors, explain the the standard work in the Cornelsen Publishing House published manual change management” have written, why change projects fail often in company. For example due to the lack of analysis of the situation.

Or because the management of the conviction is bird friss oder stirb”and too little with the staff communicates. Or because the project manager are too impatient and want to do everything overnight. In the second and third chapters, describe the three authors, all for the change-management consulting Dr. Kraus & partner, Bruchsal, work, the typical phases of a change process from the initial shock (that may be true”) up to the final acceptance of the project. Represented are the typical response patterns of employees and how the responsible companies should deal with it. Ten success factors are named in the fourth chapter of change projects. Include among other things attaching the axe to the root rather than to combat symptoms, creating transparency and incorporating stakeholders. The two following chapter explains then, what should do the project managers and executives in the company in the different phases of a change process. so that what is planned. In detail the authors in this context also deal with the question of what executives should recognize existing and looming resistors and how to respond. This is one of the many practical tips, which are integrated into each chapter: not readily lapsing into panic for resistors and pressure to respond, because this usually leads to an escalation. “The Pocket Book of change-management reasons, trace, and control” by Dr. Georg Kraus, Christel Becker Kolle and Thomas Fischer costs 6.95 euros (Cornelsen Verlag, Berlin, 2010;) ISBN: 978-3589-238422)

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