Copper Pipe

And if he is a strong capillary, rather than compression of the crank, so he did and there is no price. By the way, about the price. For We recommend that look at our table. And add all plumbing "prichindaly" containing copper pipe is more expensive (and others) made of plastic and steel. But it's more reliable! For comparison, in addition, imagine how you by will roll out over swollen lower neighbors and loose plaster …

imagine? Then fitting to your taste! PS Maybe this time you uboltaete plumber and he reluctantly teeth, do everything in the right. Alas! While our locksmiths hard believe that all these newfangled fittings – self-indulgence and haughtiness. Contrary to our mentality is something out there, "capillary" soldering, clamping and wrapped around. We should not deceive ourselves: most likely, in another apartment of this craftsman ZHEK again comes with tow and wrench and prisobachit all the old-fashioned. For information, we do not know where it ends the scope of the foreign word "fitting" and phrases attributed to something like "bochata", "sleeves", "flange", "gates" and "Plums" that we are frightened of plumbing. But for the sake of completeness we want to decipher their deep meaning: bochata – a piece of pipe, no longer than 5 cm, threaded on both ends. Apply in the case where you need to connect damaged pipes or build up the missing length.

Eviction – also a piece of pipe, but of greater length, 13 cm from one end is female, the other end – outside the so-called long thread. Internal thread eviction fixed statically, while the outer thread can adjust the overall length of the tube. It is used in the event that was cut a piece of pipe. Flange – connecting portion of pipes, tanks and shafts. Performed, usually together with the main part. Usually it is a flat ring or disk with holes for bolts and studs. Drain – part of the tube, usually curved. Connects the main pipe from the sink, tub or toilet. Valve – a device for manually or automatically control the flow of water or gas. In other words, the pawl, which is "inserted" into the fitting. Among the more than 3.5 million items of so-called sanitary equipment (which and fittings included) we saw a lot of other different names. Such 'keeper', 'cross', 'clutch', 'tee', 'square', 'blind' and even some mysterious piece called "futorka." Honestly trying find a plumber, where everything is possible priladit. The answers were very vague. For example, we were told that "futorka – fasonina it." We did not become more comprehensible. And you? Principles of pipeline installation When installing copper pipes to use homogeneous materials (ie copper and its alloys). This will prolong the life of your pipeline. But if you can not avoid this "mix", then at least to observe the following rules: not allowed to connect to the copper unalloyed and alloyed steel, galvanized steel, because it will inevitably lead to unnecessary your plumbing electrochemical processes that lead to accelerated corrosion of steel and galvanized steel. if so steel pipe can not be avoided, then put them in front to copper pipes – in the direction of water flow. But the butt of copper and its alloys with acid-resistant steel is quite acceptable.

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