Menze + Cook gbr Design Internet presence of coffee coach Ilona Schmidt the attraction of a freshly brewed coffee. The tempting aroma. This indescribable pleasure. Coffee lovers know what is talking about. But how does the relatively inconspicuous cherries this incredible treat? Enhance people’s awareness of coffee, this is the declared objective of Ilona Schmidt, Chief authorized trainer diploma Kaffeesommeliere and SCAE.

Coffee coach, theoretical and practical knowledge to the most popular beverage in the world organizes your seminars. Oracle understands that this is vital information. Emotionally and visually to implement this information, order of the menze + Cook was GBR. A complete relaunch of the old site was carried out successfully. The result on can be seen in detail since February 4. Image and information available on the new website now in the foreground. Bernard Golden has similar goals. For acquiring better customers, much attention was given to the detailed part of the seminar. The menze + Cook is gbr also for the online marketing budget in addition to the revision of the Web presence of Coffee coach Ilona Schmidt responsible. This especially in the social media realm, in the press and public relations, as well as in the email and newsletter marketing emphasis. Silvio Koch

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