EXPLANATION OF the CONTEMPORANEIDADE To the LIGHT OF the EVANGELHOS Auricharme Cardoso de Moura Summary: To live in this current world was changedded into a constant danger. To each day we hear stories of global events that had cut with a scythe the life of some people. The nature seems that if it revolutionized against the human being and this, in turn, moved for the egoism and for the incessant money search it enters in daily conflict with its next one; we survive in a world that a economy commanded for a minority oppresses and condemns the misery the millions of human beings. What it is really happening in the modern world? Our study it searchs to prove that all these modern facts already had been described for the prophecies of Jesus centuries behind. The explanation of the contemporaneidade for the theological bias in them answers these and other questions and, still, in provide hope to them of a better future, pautado in the Christian dogmas. Word-Key: Jesus Christ, Prophecies and the Present time. EXPLANATION OF the CONTEMPORANEIDADE To the LIGHT OF the EVANGELHOS ' ' I am the alpha and the Omega, says you God, that one that is, that he was and that come, all poderoso' '.

(Apocalypse 1,8) Storms, tufes, earthquakes, global heating, all these natural phenomena are gifts in the current society and are manchetes in the media daily. Always, in some place of the world people they die because of the fury of the nature. This without saying in the social and human problems that devastate the current world as, for example, the hunger, the illnesses, the familiar wars, drugs, alcohol, tobacco and fight. Pain, suffering, anguish and death are words gifts in the life of millions of citizens in the current world. The man (man in antropolgico direction, that is, man and woman) does not obtain to coexist harmoniously nor the environment and nor its fellow creature.

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