Consumer Brand

In services, make the following additional "Pi": 6. Physical evidence – physical characteristics, ie, tools (furniture, interior, sanitation, etc.), creating the client (visitor office) comfort. 7. Process – the process of care, ie, its ergonomic and time indicators. Only if there is a complete marketing concept, defining public and private programs, preparation of which is the first step in brand building programs, perhaps the goal – the creation of the brand.

A situation has arisen on the market today can be characterized as supersaturation. Gary Kelly can provide more clarity in the matter. Topics it more dramatic for our country, which has always attended a couple of hundred products, and the situation was the deficit. At a time when competition in the area of sales at its peak, get ahead and not go broke was possible only if the possession of a flexible and mobile system of company management. Branding – the battle of perceptions, not products. Brand (brand) – it's kind of an impression about the product in the minds of consumers, a label which is stuck on thoughts product. Any product with the appearance on the market currently generates an impression – positive or negative, it appears inevitable, once the consumer learns about a new product. The spontaneous formation of consumer impressions may not be in favor of the company (customers may not understand the merits of the goods, did not appreciate the benefits to exaggerate the shortcomings and even invent new ones). Managed brand, however, reveals exposes all the advantages of the goods, makes it stand out from the crowd of similar goods or services offered in a positive light.

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