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My husband and I have a baby of five months and did not find time to devote to the couple. We feel tired and distant. My husband works all day and when they get home, just wants to relax. I, for my part, live pending child and it is difficult for me to be able to deal with other things. I’m afraid that us away without realizing it. Fabiana Cordoba Spain estimated Fabiana: say you are afraid of you alejeis without you realizing, so it seems that Yes you percatais of what happens, and that’s a great first step.

We believe that what they think is understandable: the arrival of a child is a wonderful thing, but it also implies a change in day to day and in the dinamica of the couple. Learn how to combine the roles of husbands with parent is a difficult task that takes time and training. I suggest you speak far more openly as possible about what you happens to each. You’ll surely have to find a way to manufacture you actively times and spaces to be both together and not wait for these times to appear by itself alone. As it is often said: sometimes the urgent leaves no time for what is important a point to keep in mind is to recognize that these reunions will be different from those that you had before the birth your child, since ye are not the same. Learn how to discover one another in this new stage can be a challenge and, at the same time, a stimulating adventure.

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