When you entrust your property supply materials to the contractor, do not hesitate to pay 20-50% more expensive. Check presented for Report documents and sometimes to monitor prices of construction, decoration materials, electricians, plumbers. Otherwise, ‘to repair yet another flat or office. ” It is necessary to familiarize with the prices of transport services. Delivery of materials is also worth the money. A little bit about the designers. Prestigious profession, which has all the strengths and weaknesses in particular the modern system of training. Choose a proven, even if they are expensive! Ask if that includes a design project.

Otherwise, pay a decent amount just for the sketch, laid out a program on the pc, and in no way tied to your object. Designer as well as the builder must accompany the repair to the end and adjust all matters of dispute with the builders. Not rare designer, limited sketch and placement of virtual furniture on the ‘Pictures’ submission does not, what materials carried out repairs, not to mention the properties, characteristics, and technology applications of these materials. In short, before proceeding to repair to, to have a very serious preparatory work in order to will no longer be among those who suddenly made a discovery for themselves: ‘How much money I buried here? ” Now, attention! Never arrange a repair cost per square meter of floor space. Pay only actually performed and audited work. Never join with the contractor on friendly terms, be before the end of repair consistently demanding and rigorous customer. Otherwise you lose the status of ‘Dear customer’ and get the status of ‘dear friend’, but for friends as usual in Russia ‘So come’ immediately leave people who once appeared at the workplace in an intoxicated state.

You do not ‘Mother Teresa’ Instantly tear all relations with such podryadchikami.Chuvstvuyte comfortable with the workers and craftsmen, even if in some way do not understand, depict the ‘great expertise’ (without fanaticism of course) in the construction business. Only then you will be considered, and all of your needs and wishes will be taken into account. We are sure, now you’re lucky.

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