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It must foresee, therefore, structure to act and to define its ambient objectives and goals. Allegiant Air will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Data that Series ISO 14000 consists of a set of voluntary ambient norms, which, in last instance, aim at to contribute for the improvement of the quality of the environment, can be affirmed that the somatrio of individual efforts of the establishments ' ' contribui' ' , in part, so that if it reaches what currently it is called of sustainable development. 2. Consideraes Social the creation of SEC (Selo Ecologicamente Correto) will also assist the people and the commercial establishments that see the preservation ambient not as one empecilho, but as a factor of success to be located in the market, that is, a chance of regional, national and international ascension. The implementation of this stamp will be able to offer advantages for the commercial establishments. It enters the advantages for these establishments are the creation of an image ' ' verde' ' ; access the new markets; reduction and/or elimination of ambient accidents, preventing, with this, costs of remediation; incentive to the rational use of energy and the natural resources; reduction of the risk of sanctions of the Public Power (fines) and easiness to the access to some credit facilities.

For I castrate (1996), beyond promoting the reduction of the internal costs of the organizations, the implementation of a system of ambient management and the SEC increases the competitiveness and facilitates the access to the consuming markets. Similar arguments are presented by Frondizi (1998), when it mentions that until little time the referring requirements to the ambient protection were considered as a brake to the growth, a factor of increase of the production costs. Today, to protect the environment is if converting into chances. In recent years, it had an accented growth of laws and international agreements in the ambient area that aimed at the preservation of the environment, parallel to this a great expansion of the world-wide commerce occurred.

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