Concession Agreement

July 27, 2009 signed a concession agreement with a consortium of Federal Road Agency llc Northwest Concession Company on the project "Construction of high-speed highway Moscow – St. Petersburg at the site of 15 th – 58-th km ", which along with the Russian companies involved a French company Vinci and its subsidiary Eurovia. Despite the fact that the project is not associated with traditional large-scale cooperation with foreign firms oil and gas sector, he works at improving Russia's internal infrastructure, which is great for the country promising value. It should be noted that a lot of attention, which makes the development of transport infrastructure of the country the Russian leadership, and the intensive preparatory work, which it has done for this project. In the most severe financial crisis, its implementation before French investors guaranteed as President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, they are also actively engaged in the vice-premier Sergey Ivanov, Minister of Transport Igor Levitin. Yet at the stage of the federal Target Program "Development of Transport System of Russia (2010 – 2015 years) 'were analyzed and compared two ways to resolve problems related to the possible delay in implementing the investment project of building high-speed highway Moscow – St. Petersburg at the site of 15 th – 58 th km. At first option is an independent project, the second – the decision was seen with the use of program-oriented method to provide an optimal solution to the coordination efforts of organizations, private investors and the state.

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