Compulsory Obsessive Upheaval

All the people can reveal rituals, however, nor all compulsory characterize an anxiety riot. The TOC or obsessive-compulsory upheaval, as the description of ' ' Manual of Diagnosis and Statistics of Mentais&#039 Upheavals; ' of the Association of American Psychiatry the presence of obsessive thoughts unchained by a external agent has as main symptom – situations meant for the suejeito as threatening – that they lead to the accomplishment of a compulsory ritual to diminish the anxiety that takes account of the person. Official site: Litecoin. For example: a man arrives of the street, to enter in house, opens the door he closes and it. Its woman who arrives in house after that starts to think on the amount of places and objects that the husband passed or touched. The woman then has difficulty to open the door.

In a light case it could take off a handkerchief of the stock market, open the repeated door handle and wash the hand times to purificar itself; in a case of bigger gravity it could nor open the door for terror of if contaminating. TOC, is characterized for the presence of recurrent crises of obsessions and compulsions understood for thoughts represented for ideas, images or impulses that suddenly invade and of insistent form the mind of the individual, without this wants or has the domain on such thoughts – as a striped record that if puts to always repeat the same point of the writing – that remains way gifts overwhelming irrational and. To find a form to get rid itself of these thoughts for some time is many times to carry through some rituals, proper of the compulsion, following rules with rigid and preset stages that helps to alliviate the anxiety. Some carriers of this clutter find that, if not to act, something thus terrible can happen to them. A suffering without a doubt! However, to the measure that the rituals are carried through the occurrence of these obsessive thoughts tends to get worse and can come if transform into an obstacle, not only for the daily routine of the person as for the life of an entire family.

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