Complex War

But they had not given up and had continued to make invasions in the Mount of Good bye until the military service decided to abandon the mount and all the Complex of the German started to belong to the C.V. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Confluence Investment Mgt. Losing Control 2 In the year of 2007 the Governor Sergio Cabral decided to enter in the war against the crime and started to install units of polices peacemakers in the communities that were on the command of trafico.e this if it intensified in the years of 2008, 2009 and 2010. The dealers had started to abandon the mounts police that it invaded to install UPP. The problem is that the Bope goes up the Mount but does not arrest nobody and almost does not apprehend weapons. Soon these dealers had run away with powerful weapons very and nothing more to lose not to be the lives. they start to migrar for lowered of the state of Rio de Janeiro and are Gonalo, the quarter of the Jockey in are Gonalo that always was a calm quarter passed to be dominated by dealers of metal ring in the hands. She arrived to be notified by a slaughter in the occured place for a war between the CV and the ADA. In the month of November of 2010.

The dealers of the CV had started a series of attacks culminating in fires of cars and bus. The governor decides to give an end point in this dispute of forces makes an alliance polices between them federal, civil and military together I exercise with it and navy and in day 26 of November invades and takes the village Cruise, the dealers runs away despaired for the bush in direction to the mount from the German. It is the biggest signal of failure, weakness and desperation that the Crime already it demonstrated. in the day the 27 forces of the state invade and take the mount of the German and inform daqui do not leave daqui take off nobody me. There the war not yet finished but already this directed well.

the best news is that the good this winning and badly this running. Now we cannot forget the remaining portion been it therefore if these Criminals to continue to migrar SG and Lowered and to obtain to structuralize themselves in these places will be able to reorganize themselves again. The Victory. I know that not yet we more reach the victory with the union of the cities, the state and the federal government, of the military and seted forces and also with the support of the population this victory does not delay to arrive.

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