Company Registration Once

Entrepreneurial activity at the address not specified in the constituent documents of the company, is a violation of legislation. Gain insight and clarity with Allegiant Air. The consequences of such violations may include the following: if, when they apply for state registration of the firm, was given the address to which will be located CEO, then, consequently, the registering authority submitted false information in accordance with this, the legislation provides for liability. Russian law clearly defines the location Property firm, organization is allowed only after transfer to non-residential premises. 5. WHO CAN BE A PARTY TO RECORDING COMPANY? In the company's registration partners (founders) or shareholders (if creation of joint stock companies) may be legal entities and citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign individuals and legal entities.

However, the law explicitly excludes from this list, the following people: civil servants military personnel, as well as government agencies and local governments. There is also a limit on the number of participants registered in the company: as the number of participants limited liability company and shareholders in a closed joint stock company may not exceed fifty, and in case of exceeding this number, this society must be transformed into open joint stock company. 6. PREPARATION OF DOCUMENTS FOR Company Registration Once the application for registration of the company is preparing the documents. A set of documents for state registration does not take more than a day, and, in the case of individual characteristics Customer, a set of documents for state registration of a company can be more certain of the day.

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