Company Marketing

Therefore the organizations would have to be esfoar to improve its permanent products; 3-orientation for sales; the orientation sales to mean that the intention of the company is to vender what it manufactures and not to vender what the market (the customer) desires, that is, the concern with the cost stated period, me if interesting if the customer was not satisfied or not; 4-orientation for the customer; the main function of the company is not more to produce and to vender, more to satisfy the clientele consulting before I produced any thing, it saw market study and on the basis of this consultation, in case that it is favorable, to offer to it to os /servi product/ideas of quality and value, so that the consumers come back to buy and to say of the company and its products well; 6-orientation for the socially responsible marketing or societal marketing; it supports that the organization must determine the necessities, desires and interests of the market-target, then to provide to the customers a superior value of form to keep well-being of the customer and the society; 6-orientation for the historical marketing; in this boarding the company must try to understand and to manage all the involved complexity in the management of marketing of a company. Pursuing of the market-target the first things to be definite in any planning of marketing, and who is its consumers and which accurately is its market-target. Therefore and greater and more powerful than either no company can make a good work. Creation of value offers of marketing alone will reach success if to provide value to its market-target. The customer this always pointed between different offers of value will always choose the market that one that to offer to relation cost better I benefit to it. The marketing professional must increase the value of offers for the customer with diverse strategical that is; – benefit increase – reduction of costs – increase of benefits and reduction of costs – reduction of benefits in lesser production of what reduction of costs the customer will be satisfied if the performance to reach its expectation, and unsatisfied itself not to reach.

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