New recommendation portal to the recruitment started in more and more industries labour shortages. The recruitment of qualified professionals is associated with a high cost and effort. A novel recommendation platform starts with The service breaks new promising ways to counter the power of social media to the problem of the lack of skilled workers. Especially the use of risk-free and viral distribution of staff recruitment are a strong argument for companies to take advantage of the offer. Good employees are hard to find. Probably every company wishes high potentials who are well trained and more highly motivated to do so to deal with. However, as also in the economy, a high demand eventually causes a lack – in the world of work, it is the lack of well trained professionals.

Long ago, the company can no longer choose from a large pool of applicants. Rather the employees choose increasingly the company. And the companies do a lot for it, in as attractive employer to draw attention. The recruitment of high potentials means a huge cost and effort. Jobs must be turned, spotted application documents and discussions. And even after a lengthy application process, it may be that the chosen one jumps off at the last minute. Continue to learn more with: Gary C Kelley. This risk can never be eliminated. Through a new portal of the recommendation, the recruitment of qualified staff not only to some is easier, but also cheaper. let you to search at others – on a Commission basis. There are small talks often on the floor of the Office or on the road, where the best tips be replaced. Who has not ever further recommended a doctor or looked at an apartment, because he found out about an acquaintance of it is empty? Exactly this principle transfers on the Internet. Here, set your job and put a Commission fee of any amount for a successful mediation. The Visitors to now consider whether there is someone in her friend and acquaintances meet the your needs. As an additional benefit, indents with social networks that long, they have become a common and fast means of communication. The advantage of the social networks is their high range. A users post your job advertisement, it reaches not only his digital friends, but also the friends of friends. The portal is absolutely risk-free for both sides: the Commission is paid by you on a digital account and disbursed only after the successful completion of the referral to the recommender. The price – to-performance ratio compared to traditional recruitment processes is unbeatable. You spend just as much for the search for a new employee, as you see fit. It comes to a successful conclusion, increase the incentive to increase the Commission at any time. provides a way to effective recruitment of high potentials, because even the mediator is keen that it comes to a contract. He will present so only really qualified and seriously interested persons. To benefit all involved the broker has earned not only cash, but helped also a friend to a great new job. And you have won a qualified staff in a cheap way.

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