Cologne Marketing Day

Cologne marketing day 2011 excited 170 participants with exciting lectures and unusual location of the German Institute of marketing, organizer of the Cologne marketing day 2011, had knowingly waived under a central theme to the day. Instead, the 170 participants received a cross-section from three thematic areas identified in surveys in advance. Visitors get innovative thinking and future-oriented methods that can integrate it directly into your own marketing strategy”justified Prof. Dr. Michael Baird, the concept of the Managing Director of the DIM. “Session 1: social media marketing the first thematic block social media marketing” was opened at 10:30 by Felix Beilharz. The project leader led online marketing at the German Institute for marketing in an exciting and practical lecture, how companies with small budgets in the social web of talk can make. The success principle idea proposes budget”applies in social media marketing for “small businesses” the expert finds and adds: with relevant content, a little courage and a good dose of creativity can be a high user activation and reach a lasting customer loyalty without large financial investments.

” This thesis is impressively practical examples from different industries. Lawyer Dr. Markus Robak, specialist in media law illuminated the legal aspects of social media marketing. Note more there at Facebook & co. than just the imprint obligation, is not clear many company”made it clear Rahman the marketing people present. Unacceptable disturbance, copyright and trademark rights, as well as surreptitious advertising are just some of the many pitfalls that companies should be aware of. The audience appreciated especially the amusing and varied examples from practice, which the lawyer gave tips to avoid reprimands and fines. Session 2: Custom communications In the second session was the subject of target group-oriented Communication in marketing”in the foreground.

Prof. Dr. Michael Baird explained using many examples from advertising, how different personality types can be specifically addressed.

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