College Money

Don’t you that discouraged. Regardless of what happens or allowed to happen in the past, when you’re ready to make major changes, surprising things you can happen in a short time. Many fortunes have been built by certain people who started late in life, even the people who were with considerable debt. Look at Colonel Sanders had sixty-six when he began to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Robert has his years of teaching, has been fortunate to know and listen to many wonderful students who have followed the advice of Pope Rico and changed your life and your environment.

No matter at what stage of this life a person if the desire for change is there, change is possible. The following are comments from real people who have chosen the path to financial freedom:-Michael Rich Dad philosophy taught us that money is just an idea. The Papa Rico approach is simple but profound: can take what’s in your head and turn it into cash flow. This approach is able to because you know when sees the trickle to begin, eventually will become a gigantic waves. Darrell – I had my own Office of real estate and was working long hours like crazy, It sounded like the phone 24 hours a day. I thought he was working for myself, that was the owner of a business, while it was not achieving the kind of success that I wanted to. Then I began to read books of Papa Rico and it occurred to me, that it was not a business owner, I had a self-employment. -Jonathan grew up with the idea of going to school, work hard, and accept the limits being an employee.

I came out of College twice and started working for an agency of insurance without much success. When I first saw the Papa Rico ideas in the press, it had a great impact on me. They had little sense and committed them quickly, and I realized that my life had been trying to fit into a mold that other people thought it was good for my. I didn’t want to be in that mold. I wanted to be an investor and business owner.Now I have a goods company roots that buys a lot of properties. Thanks to the rich dad philosophy, we avoid buying a property for the wrong reasons. We only buy properties that will put money in their pockets. His concepts have prevented bankruptcy several times this year. Papa Rico has helped me to concentrate on my point of view not on what others think that it is good for me, but what I want-wealth.I grew up with the saying, the love of money is the root of all evil. That is difficult to overcome. When I met the Pope rich approach, I saw that it was losing me life because of my misconceptions about money. -Christine I was the sole owner of a business’s accounting when I came into contact with the way of doing things in Papa Rico. That changed my way of thinking forever. I didn’t have much money so I said, well, I have to take action, and I approached someone with money who became my partner in a property company roots. I am which finds the properties and manages them. We have a great team of people and business has been so successful. In a year and a half, I have built half a million dollars in assets.

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