Collaboration With SAP PLM 7.0

Projects must be done today, quickly and efficiently. conarum supports the development of a viable platform and offers the following services: identification and definition of the functionality more secure exchange of documents setting up detailed authorization concepts clear structure and search for project documents of approval processes access by external service providers via SAP – portal are marked with the holistic perspective and expertise of conarum in SAP PLM is a consultancy, which goes far beyond the pure functionality and at the same time to ensure the integration into existing systems. With a professional collaborations – platform, create more transparency, increased the pace of the process and resources are better used. The starting point of great projects for the planning, design, procurement and the operation of large buildings, plants, facilities and infrastructures are complex and regulated. Cost and time pressure to make a quick and transparent collaboration with external service providers in the engineering – environment necessary. The safe and secure exchange of documents between internal engineering – departments and external service providers must be ensured. The task creating a Collaborationsplattform to the secure exchange of documents between internal and external employees. Access and editing of documents can be regimented about permission proceedings at the individual document level.

Different documents can be combined into the release and further processing and sent to different employees. The multi-stage release and editing processes are transparent and secure. The solution it was an Collaborationsplattform based on SAP PLM 7.0 created, whereby the internal and external access via the SAP – portal. Benefits safe exchange of documents internally externally can demand documents structured detailed authorization assignment status tracking and transparency of process state be quick search for documents features free project – eRooms for unstructured documents Exchange building specific structured Applications (transmittal, submittal) for exchanging structured documents with the necessary process support (sharing scenarios and workflows) and subsequent processing ensure the access permissions using the SAP PLM 7.0 ACM construction of Vererbungslogiken for permissions from parent on child documents management functions for an improved allocation of permission by the individual departments, safe access to the SAP backend system via the SAP PLM framework search for documents using SAP TREX conarum expertise the holistic view of the PLM processes across the pure SAP functionality also allows the elaboration of an optimal solution in structural – and end of organizational processes and the integration into existing system landscapes. Many years of experience in the field of SAP PLM relevant in this context: SAP PLM 7.0, SAP PLM 7.0 ACM, SAP Easy DMS, DIS, SAP document BOM, SAP TREX, SAP PLM framework own AddOn run & record to control complex, also cross-system, Business processes design and Customizing programmatic enhancements of the SAP PLM – functions. Development of various SAP applications with Web Dynpro for ABAP (WD4A) and the necessary SAP R / 3 Backendapplikationen using the SAP PLM – frameworks.

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