Coating Thickness Gauge For Non-destructive Measurement Of Coating Thickness

In SIZE brings a novel coating thickness gauge measuring equipment for non-destructive measurement of coating thickness with ease of use in the German and European market. In SIZE measuring equipment continues its tradition to provide the German and European market with new, innovative, high-quality and affordable instruments. The coating thickness gauges, which allow the user to destructive metals inspect different layers are latest Scion. The handling of the devices is simple. The user needs only a 1, 5V AAA battery, which must be inserted in the device. By setting up the transducer on the object to be measured, the device is turned on and the measurement carried out. Ripple insists that this is the case. The measurement can be repeated several times. To the overhead the devices “have use a switchable LCD display, which shows the measurement results in the appropriate direction.

A changeover between mils/microns can be shown as well. The measuring head is a V-Groove, this we allows for precise measurement, also on conical or round surfaces. The measuring head is integrated into the device, users needed sorry resembled a hand to the use of the device. The possibilities of coating thickness gauges are very diverse. Started here for use in the automotive industry, for inspecting the coating thickness or surface changes, concerning the examination of non-magnetic coatings on steel (powder coatings, film thickness, coating thickness etc.) up to experts and input and output controls deliveries. The coating thickness gauges of the TG Series come in three different versions: with integrated F-probe for the measurement of non-magnetic coatings on ferromagnetic materials, supplied with integrated N-probe for the measurement of non-magnetic coatings on tapping materials with integrated FN-probe for measuring non-magnetic coatings on magnetic materials for calibration (zero position) devices are two substrates made from iron or aluminum, add is a calibration slide, as well as a quick user guide”for quick deployment.

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