So I dress her drown turtleneck and cardigan street, plus we have a very warm jacket with her. I have often seen how my daughter is walking on the floor of the kindergarten with rastegnutymi shoes, after that I began to buy her shoes with an elastic band that dressed and went. In general, if you want your child is not freezing on the street in a kindergarten: a. Teach him to dress yourself completely. Coach house. b. Dress so that teachers have been less of a hassle as possible with your child at the exit to the street. Teacher: Maria I.

Kuzmin, kindergarten teacher in St. Petersburg, the experience of 15 years: – How to dress a child going to kindergarten in the winter or late autumn? This question is probably asking himself each mother. It is important not only to protect the baby from the cold, but not to overheat it. I encourage all parents to buy baby underwear. Now this was, fortunately, quite dosutpno. Just recently in the exhibition "World of childhood, 2008" I saw a lot of variants of the baby clothes.

Underwear maintains body temperature, admits no hypothermia or overheating. Excellent displays moisture, hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch. For children are available through a special clothes: shirts, pants, body, reytuziki, sweaters. What else is important for kindergarten winter in terms of clothing, so it's easy to dressing. Caregiver to dress and how to trace 20 people want to dress a very long time. But if you guys Clothing is a simple, no complicated buckles, straps and shnurovok, the teacher will do its job quickly, and those children who will not be the first to dress to sweat waiting for the latter. I want to say that the clothes need to prepare not too hot, why: In the severe frosts and cold with the children on walks to sanitary norms in general is prohibited.

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