Clinical Hospital

Again, the same press. May 18, 2007 accident with a heavy exodus of manufacturing site shtampovschitsey limited liability company “B” is registered in the administration of Zavodskoy district Minsk, MT A. Information about the victim: M.T.A. Age – 39 years. Profession – shtampovschitsa. Total experience – 20 years 9 months 24 days.

Work experience in the profession -9 years 9 months 8 days. Training for health and safety profession, “punch” – with 19.10.1992g. on 11.02.1993g. Minsky and the Order of Lenin Order of October Revolution Tractor Plant. Internships OSH profession “punch” – from 01.02.2006. Read more from Oracle to gain a more clear picture of the situation. on 13.02.2006g. (Order number 2 / 1 on February 1, 2006). Test your knowledge on safety – May 7, 2007., Protocol number 1.

Briefings on safety held: An Introduction – 01.02.2006. primary workplace – 01.02.2006. Last second – 03.05.2007g. Medical examinations took place: a preliminary case of getting job-24.03.2006g. periodic – not required. Family status – divorced. Medical diagnosis of health damage to the victim: the traumatic amputation of the II, III, IV, V fingers of his left wrist at the level of the axis / fax. (Based on conclusions about the severity of injury, issued by the agency Health “6th clinical hospital” 22.05.2007g.) blood test for alcohol 8325 from 18.05.2007g. – Ethyl alcohol was not found. (Based on conclusions about the severity of injury, issued by the health facility, “6th Clinical Hospital “22.05.2007g.) 2. Characteristics of the organization, employer, insurer, area, place of work.

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