Clean Air

The era ends with gasoline engines. They were replaced by engines equipped with fuel injection fuel injection system. Modern engine management systems provide several advantages: reduced fuel consumption, more power, better speakers, easy starting and warming up the cold engine. Progress has caused him increasing performance requirements of automotive components, including filters and filter elements. In this room – talking about air filters.

Round or square? One of the requirements was to reduce the dimensions of the progress of air filters. Good round at the base of the cylinders to cope with bad air filtration. But inside cylinder is inexcusable lot of space, which is so lacking under the hood. Therefore filtrovalschiki? suggested that the auto giant's new design of air filters, which resemble the panels – square or rectangular shape. Changed not only shape but also laying the filter paper method. Now the filter paper is placed not radial (star), and the whole unit is ready corrugation, which form a kind of pockets. In up losing the space is minimal. However, the filter-retained cylinders.

They are still set to obsolete in design models, such as "Volga" with injection dvigatelem.I the contrary, it can be advanced "Cars", which Tuning air filter "zero resistance", which has a cylindrical shape of conical shape. But regardless of the filter throughout the entire life should not miss more than 1% of dust particles, in the air. Anything more, leading to accelerated engine wear. Consumption and power from the air filter the other two are such important parameters as power and fuel consumption.

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