2. Spend a serious study of 'key' words. If you want to get traffic, you need to figure out what exact phrases people prefer to type in search engines. One of the most useful tool is the service prompts the keywords from Google. I'll give you helpful advice: instead of trying to enter the desired keywords you enter the name of a particular Web site of the first places Google on your topic – so you can see the basic words that they use to attract visitors. 3. Place a link to your website in various directories of sites.

Keep in mind that these sites have directories be of good quality, just because your site is like most search engines. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Ellison. Do not post a link to your site anywhere. 4. Create a small book on your topic. This technique is good because it gives additional opportunities attract visitors to your website. In addition, this book will help you gain the confidence of visitors not only to you, but to the entire content of your website or blog. 5. Create effective titles.

Try to enter into Google search phrases for your niche. How many links you want with the press? And how many of which do not attract your attention? Use search to find the titles of other sites that will interest you and slightly change them. By searching titles, do not dwell only on its niche – and explore other topics – so you'll find even more ideas for the names of their articles. 6. Use the links visible. You can promote your site or blog, using his signature on various forums and useful articles that you write for other sites in your post on Twitter or in your profile in the popular social networking sites such as Classmates, or OpenID. This will be a direct way to attract users, but nonetheless quite effective. 7. Use your social networks. Along with the first board – this is one of the most important, because social networks are an essential attribute of today's Internet. Make a video, chat, create notes about celebrities in Facebook, please write about important events in the world, linking these texts with reference to your website or blog, create groups of interest. This way you will generate exactly the traffic that will help your site become popular among people who are interested in this theme to your site or blog. You can use these techniques to attract traffic to your web site absolutely free. They do not require any investment, but give good results. If you know of other ways to promote free, I ask you – share it with people: so Internet becomes more interesting and more informative, if people learn to promote their interesting resources.

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