Classical Market Research

Process and flow of classic market research market research includes all processes and operations that deal with the systematic extraction (search, collection, processing and interpretation) of information supporting the marketing. The collection of market information has has two objectives. Problems with which the company is directly confronted, should be solved with help of market information (E.g. Why go back the sales?). Market research made possible but also the identification of future challenges. Increasing competitive pressure the company also confronted with a large number of competing products.

Fast to implement future product ideas, it is important to recognize changes in consumer preferences, to integrate it into the market manipulation actions. The company therefore needs to market potential, market share, but also to current trends in the market. Represent market information as an early warning system, i.e. they inform the already existing on the acceptance Products that can promote but also the development of new and innovative products. Process of market research problem definition at the beginning of the research process must be defined the problem should be solved with the help of market information. Then, market information intelligence must be won through research in the market. The company can capture the necessary information itself or to hire a market research agency.

You can also access existing information in many cases. The most important step, the evaluation of the data obtained and their interpretation is followed by analysis and interpretation then. Here must be determined what the results of the market investigation mean for the company and what internal measures do. Communication in the company market information obtained be redirected within the company with the help of a marketing information system and decision-makers. A marketing information system identifies processes and methods for an orderly, regular Collection, analysis and processing of data and forwarding them to the Marketing Manager to support the decision-making processes in marketing management. Integration at the end of the captured information incorporated into market processing measures then in further market processing measures of the company. Ing.

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