Chronicles Of A Scuba Diver

The Chronicles of "diver", part one / / Society 52 (7104) April 14, 2010 Wednesday April 14, 2010 Surely the Japanese car designers loudly and furiously waving their arms if they knew that the offspring of their radiant auto industry Russian craftsmen convert liquefied petroleum, and sometimes natural gas. But what to do? Our country is oil production, crises, shmizisy fuel prices are pushing only, and pocket, as they say, rubber and think … This is the owners' mnogozhruschih "or" mnogoezdyaschih "cars, as if that same economic component was reduced. And the mind is only one thing – to put the gas! Given: SUV "Nissan Safari" in 1993 with the release of six-cylinder petrol engine TB42E (injection) of 4.2 liters. Operated car purely as a "ekspeditsionnika" (runs for 1,000 kilometers over the weekend – a usual thing), overcoming the virgin snow, fords mountain rivers, shaking dust primers and timber-track the Far Eastern taiga.

Add to the jeep of the box a little lift suspension (2 inches) and 33-inch wheels mud BFGoodrich MT KM and get the average fuel consumption on the road – 17 liters in the city – 26. This is reality, and she will not go away (in fairness, I note that the machine is in full technical order). Search Khabarovsk companies involved in installing LPG equipment over the discovery of only three of these. The first was found in the handbook "Business Khabarovsk" – is "Dalgazmontazh" or PE Vladimir V. Buyanov. Here, for the installation of our fourth-generation SUV HBO with two Russian 65-liter cylinders at once asked for 60 thousand rubles.

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