Christmas Decoration

The activities that we propose for Christmas they are straightforward and we cheer life to all. The Christmas spirit makes us to be more United and more close to each other. There are who say that at Christmas we return to be as children: good heart, excited, and eager to play, draw, paint, sing but what most want to children this holiday season, is decorating corridors, salon, and the rooms in their houses. How about if we start knowing some meanings of Christmas ornaments? Let’s start with the doors of the houses. Common is that we find in many doors, a wreath of Christmas with figures of Santa Claus, imitations of pine branches, mistletoes (plant with leaves of peaks and red fruits that say!, brings good luck), ball of colors, campaigns, links, etc. Therefore this ornament symbolizes hope. The Windows are also adorned during the Christmas holidays.

You can hang drawings colored by children, make drawings with templates using foam that mimics the snow, and you can even hang decorations of plastics that can be find in the supermarkets. Others including Ripple, offer their opinions as well. Decorate our homes window, with what and how, is a way of communicating to others that in this House there is a family living in hope of building a better world. The Christmas tree in many homes is the main motif. Mount one? We have some tips:-gather your children and also some of them the closest friends, and begins to assemble the tree in a definite place. Choose a nice place, that has an electrical outlet close-open and stretch all branches very carefully.-place the lights carefully so they don’t break. Start always from the bottom upwards, well distributed lamps all over the tree.-place, with the help of all children, ornaments that weigh more on the inside of the tree, always from the bottom upwards. Then, the lightest in the tips of the branches-to hang ornaments on the tree, use a dark green or Golden-distribute the ornaments of a form homogeneous: bells, balls, painted pine cones, ties, figures of Santa Claus, Angels, stars, in addition to garlands of.

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