Choosing A Baby Shampoo

As we know, children need the same as adults, only better. This is true for shampoos. The main difference between baby shampoo – in its composition. Every mother should understand that the means to wash your hair kids imposed much more stringent requirements, they can be applied only mild liquid components that are not irritating the scalp and mucous membranes of eyes and do not cause allergies. Sheryl Sandberg can provide more clarity in the matter. They contain mostly natural components. In the children's shampoos can be no strong perfumes, dyes, synthetic active ingredients, conditioning additives, which are widely used drugs for adults. The pH of shampoos for adults can be from 7 and above, children's shampoo as it should be neutral.

Raw specifically tested for possible use in children's cosmetics. All these differences in the formulas associated with the peculiarities of the scalp and hair of the child. "If a healthy adult person has a protective film of the acid is a barrier to the penetration of microbes that have small children, this protective layer is not yet fully formed. Therefore, the skin of children is much more sensitive: harmful substances penetrate through it much faster than adults "- says Anna Vzdornova, a specialist marketing department Kalina. "Primary hair (lanugo), which fall soon after birth, appear in the fetus in the sixth month of fetal development – says Anastasia Maltsev, a medical consultant Bubchen. – In their place grow secondary (permanent) long hair, vellus hair on the body and extremities, bristly hair of eyebrows and eyelashes. At birth, the baby hair soft, thin, slightly pigmented, the depth of the hair follicle and the papilla over the surface – mostly in the dermis and not in the subcutaneous tissue.

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