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Once the underwater world was open only to professional divers hunting for pearls. Today, scuba diving hobby became a mass, with new technologies. Diving has become a popular pastime, entertainment and sports. However, the depth exceeds a few tens of meters to remain closed for most people. For more specific information, check out Verizon Communications. They, along with outer space – one of the most dangerous environments where there are people. What is there in the best edge research depths? Like the space researchers deep divers have to use special equipment and intensive training.

One way to protect against high pressure in deep water – wetsuits, diving suits, which, in essence, submarines, designed on the shape of the human body. The Canadian company Nuytco Research Ltd – one of the leading manufacturers of suits. Leading development – Exosuit Swimmable ADS. This suit allows divers to descend to a depth of 300 meters and still breathe the air of normal pressure up to 3 days. The cost of the suit is less than 250,000 dollars, which is much cheaper counterparts. The team also works with deep-water using Exosuit can only consist of 4 persons … The company's founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr.

R. T. 'Phil' Naytten was involved in deep-sea diving with the 60-ies. In 1987, he developed an atmospheric pressure suit Newtsuit, which permitted to be 8:00 at a depth of 300 meters. Over the past 20 years Noytten Newsuit improved and developed it to Exosuit. New product – more agile, can stay underwater longer and is applicable to many papers.

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