Cherkizovsky Rubles

We decided to spend a little analysis: where advantageous or convenient to where to buy consumer goods – or at Cherkizovsky market Luzhniki Stadium or in the wholesale online store? For comparison, taken first online shop wholesale. First is, perhaps, mention of which groups of products in question. For the analysis we have taken the goods out of the group 'fancy goods' (purses), wall clocks, alarm clocks. Why these goods? Well, at least because they occupy a significant proportion of sales wholesale store OKEY. Now, actually, let's analyze and try to answer the question – where or from whom to buy profitable businesses from the regions in markets like Cherkizovsky and Luzhniki market or wholesale stores, such as the first wholesale.

Is it worth coming to Moscow for the item? SECTION 1. ANALYSIS OF WHOLESALE PRICES Cherkizovsky market, Luzhniki, first wholesale OKEY. 1. . Wholesale prices on purses as a month March 2009. The main criterion is, of course, price. But let's compare. So, purses.

Chinese wallets are three 'grades' of quality. 1.1 .. Low quality. ie Threads do not cut, glue visible inside the skin of alignment, painting the skin virtually absent. The familiar format of the trade 'All 100' … Cherkizovsky market – 90-120 rubles. Luzhniki – 100 – 140 rubles. Wholesale OKEY – not in stock. 1.2. The quality of the normal with the possible defects is we refer to the second category. The main issues are riveting or locks, but the percentage is not great, so this group may well claim the title of 'People'. Cherkizovsky market – 170-190 rubles. Luzhniki – 180-200 rubles. Wholesale OKEY – 180-210 rubles. 1.3. Purses quite decent quality. Dressing and dyeing of the skin, often under 'lac', various sizes and packing. Purses in this category are not considered 'premium', but it is worthy of attention for owners of its boutiques and shops for the middle class.

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