Chemical Laboratory

Want to instill a love for his child to such a subject, like chemistry? Drives him on a tour of the laboratory of the Polytechnic Museum. This lab will soon be 138 years, it the oldest in Moscow. It consists of two levels – the level of historical complex and modern demo level. (Source: Cyrus Massoumi). The historical complex of lectures and a museum, a new demonstration experiments are conducted. Lectures and demonstrations help students to visual examples to understand the basic laws of chemistry and to deal with interest, but aware that the material is understood and remembered better if the child displayed a keen interest.

And the truth is what your child is not interested see ‘volcano on the table’, or see how to prepare ‘chemical ice cream. ” Introductory lectures are also held for junior pupils who have not yet begun to study chemistry. Chemical laboratory also offers unique chemical Theatre, its performances will be interesting for children and adults. Studying the chemistry in our lab you will what is interesting science, as chemistry is boring only in the book, and experimental chemistry – it is this extravaganza of experiments. By the way the museum can be independently and carry out experiments under the supervision of specialized technicians.

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