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Discover these 10 qualities to be an enterprising woman. An enterprising woman creates and generates money, doesn’t work for anyone more and enjoys what he does. There are conditions to be truly an enterprising woman, the first of these is that you’re convinced of wanting to be an entrepreneur or die in the attempt, second, you have to have a viable business plan, can not start a business just because you late and third develop an attitude and abilities to connect with the business plan and lead it to success. The qualities to be an enterprising women are: 1) integrity: you have to be consistent with what you say, you think, you do and you feel, all this has to be aligned, be congruent is with others but the most important part is with yourself. (2) Tenacity: ever you go down the guard in the face of adversity, you know there is always tripping, learn how to get up, better ask yourself what you can learn from this? and follow your path. (3) Enjoy what you are doing: love what you do, there is a phrase that I want to share with you of Mother Teresa of Calcutta the working without love is slavery, remember only you have this life, so take advantage of it and this as enterprising women understand it better than anyone. (4) Have a clear idea: have the vision to see beyond, be clear what you want, how want you, for when you want it, what color you want it, if you have it in writing it is much better, write down every detail. (5) Be willing to risk: you have to take many risks and challenges, the women who avoid risks, never grow, remain in your comfort zone.

One entrepreneur knows that you have to risk, is like the sentence if not you risk not desire. (6) Be able to overcome the failure: have the ability to overcome errors. Mediocre women are not that failing, but those who drop out. And I want to share this sentence with you, every failure teaches a man something that needed to learn, is Charles Dickens, is therefore so important that you learn from each of the situations that may arise. (7) Be responsible: to meet the commitments that already you have purchased, not the first tropezon want to drop everything, take courage and commit yourself with what you decided to do. (8) Patience, perseverance and frustration tolerance: and you’re with qualities that any enterprising woman has and works in them, things do not always go as you wanted, and much less at the first attempt, these three qualities together make you achieve the impossible. (9) Initiative: this is the capacity of action, the initiative to learn, do, know ten, do not let you stop by fears, frustrations, leave them behind. 20 Years from now we will be more repentant of what didn’t we did evil phrase uttered by Mark Twain.

(10) Invest in yourself: invests in everything that will make you grow as a person, what makes you rich is not money but your skills. Get ahead yourself, do not settle with the person who you are. These are 10 qualities that an enterprising woman has, working in them, apply them to your life and get what you want most. I’d like to know your opinion, I invite you to share this article with friends or family members benefit from information can be seen. Visit: Original author and source of the article.

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