Characteristics Of Diamonds

The first we need to know before choosing an engagement ring is how is an original diamond?, much an original diamond?, how much must weigh an original diamond?, if a diamond is not transparent is false?, etc. To resolve are, and suddenly other so many question here a tiny course to learn how to differentiate one original diamond of one that is not. What everybody knows, or at least that I imagine, is that diamond is more pure than all other stone, is formed only by an element that makes the characteristic of being the hardest. The three main characteristics of diamonds are: clarity, experts say that the clarity of the diamond depends very much on the amount of impurities that they may have, tell them, said is that diamonds are a set of inlaid so neatly arranged carbon crystals that give it a very solid consistency. Them are called impurities to the presence of other different than carbon elements of somehow make that clarity decreases. That’s why that to greater clarity of the stone, greater will be its market value. As already the clarity of a diamond mentioned them was previously classified between FL i3, FL is the clearer and the I3 the less.

The second of the characteristics of diamonds is the color. The value of a diamond depends largely on its color, the less color you have the greater its value. Most diamonds are colorless or white, but many diamonds with different tonalities, as yellow, coffee, roses, green there are also champagne and the bluish white (the more rare to find, and expensive therefore). At this point if I have a tip at the moment to see the hue of a diamond recommended see it diagonally and on a white paper, that will avoid that it acquires or reflect the hue of other objects. The classification given is the most colourless with letter D until the more yellow with the letter Z. The third and final characteristic to mention is: cut Diamond, what fundamental that we know in this post is what I’m going to say, the cut is what determines the brilliance of a diamond, it is through these finishing stone can better reflect light. The most common form of cutting a diamond is bright guy, is rounded in shape, the first that comes to you mind that is, is the most common, although there are many others such as cut Marquise, Emerald cut, Princess, Carre, heart, pear, oval or triangular, shaped or square etc. As you can see is not so difficult to differentiate a quality diamond of one that is not, you have as you know who loves you cheat, remember if it is not so bright nor so clear, the price should not be exorbitant.

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