The price forgets, the quality remains. French proverb Introduction Is necessary, that the management modern east totally identified and so it represents the reach, repercussions that are derived to tell on a good culture of quality, where all their personnel totally is identified with her and take passage to that products are elaborated, with guarantee of all the attributes that the quality locks up, with good services of quality of attention to the client, besides counting on a management of processes that guarantees a good productivity able to satisfy the demand that appears in the present scenes of trade dynamic, competitive. Majorities, considerations the companies in here and now as for its participation in pro to not only stay in the gained markets, but in which it tries to conquer, must pay much attention to him to the quality, to all national norms as as much international, which she involves, demand, generates, its competitive advantages and all those aspects to be taken into account stop to guarantee that the products that are offered, their attributes, their services, satisfy the needs that the consumers demand and to obtain the results that they have planned themselves reaches goals within the scenes where it participates. For it, the management must take step to a culture of the quality, where this involved all their human resource, providing qualification to him, formation, benefits, repercussions that are derived from a good quality. Therefore, it is necessary within the new organizational culture to count on the support of a good culture of the quality, with defined policies good of this, that as it comments, accurately defines the hoped thing by the employees; as well as of products or services that are offered to the clients. Political happiness requires of the commitment of all the components of the organization. The quality policy must be written up for the purposes of which it can be applied to the activities of any employee, also will be able to be applied to the quality of products or services that offer company.

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