Ceramic Tile – The Dream Of Every Home

Durability, frost resistance, environmental, insulation, and other characteristics of ceramic tile makes it an indispensable material in the device roofing. Scope of ceramic tiles is wide enough: low-rise and high-rise, the various public buildings. Tile can be applied to stone, brick, wooden structures, as in new construction and renovation. The basic feed material for the manufacture of ceramic tiles is clay – a product of weathering of igneous rocks. A lot of fine mineral particles contained in the clay, provide the ability, when mixed with water, to form a plastic dough-preserving drying bodied, and after firing the acquiring water resistance and durability of stone. The design of the roof depends on the functional purpose of under-roof space. If it is used as a dwelling (for example, ansardy), by securing the relevant requirements for temperature and humidity conditions. For unit loft space in the design roof (in addition to insulation and vapor barrier) must apply a special protective waterproofing layer, which is laid on the rafters.

To ensure the ventilation gap above them fit kontrobreshetka, which fasten the boards lathing, and they have already laid tile itself. For ceramic tile lath is attached with special suspension teeth for additional fixation during installation tiles using different fixing the elements: capping, wire, screws. All tiles along the eaves and disposable gable overhangs, and under the ridge, must be secured regardless of roof pitch. If under-roof space is a cold attic, it is necessary to ensure its ventilation. Now never replace artificial. When choosing ceramic tiles Tondo you get this.

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