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Among the tourists who decide to spend their holidays in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland hiking is becoming an activity of great popularity, gaining more followers every day. If you are interested in history you can follow the steps of the Roman legionaries along Hadrian’s wall, if you love nature you can walk along the coast path in Cornwall, follow a river from its birth to the sea, if what you want is to live adventures you can climb the highest mountain in the Lake District in England, or explore the countryside in the South of England in the Regional Park of Lee Valley England have something to Captivate every Member of the family. In this brief guide we present the 3 most popular areas to make the best walking routes, we hope to help you to choose a destination for your next trip to England. We start the route by setting in the Centre of the map of England, there are the Peak District and Derbyshire, two regions which are essential destinations for those who enjoy hiking. You have much to see: from the Moors and dramatic landscapes of the first National Park in England, the ancient oak trees in the National Forest, to the South of the County.

In Central and Northern England, concentrated in the northern part of the County of Derbyshire, you will find small villages full of charm, cities filled with history and landscapes constantly changing with the seasons. Hiking in this area is very rich due to the large amount of things to see; It is also very comfortable since Derbyshire has a wide range of trails for easy travel, with detailed maps that will guide you through some of the most picturesque and attractive England landscapes. The routes are clearly marked, so that you can relax and forget about enjoying the beauty that surrounds you. Peak District, has the best and most organized England hiking trails, and offers a unique experience for those who choose to spend their holidays practicing this sport. Another popular place for hiking is the Park Regional Lee Valley.

This space more than 40 kilometres of outdoor is located very near to the capital of England, and is a conglomerate of gardens, recreation areas, protected historic buildings, nature reserves and trails that run parallel to the River Thames. In Lee Valley you can also discover the gardens designed by famous landscaper John Constable, walk your dog, play sports such as running, biking or even hiking. The variety of activities available has become to this regional park a favorite destination of many Londoners during the weekend. Another fascinating place for all those who visit it is Norfolk Broads, very popular because of the wealth of wildlife in the area as well as the number of activities that can be done. If you enjoy cycling, Norfolk Broads you will find routes bounded and clearly signposted for this sport. Many come attracted by the more than 190 kilometres of paths and nature trails through landscapes and hills, inviting tourists to relax and enjoy the panoramic views in a serene atmosphere and at their own pace. Norfolk Broads is the perfect place for hiking in family since there are routes for all levels of walkers. England offers you the possibility of practicing a sport while you empapas you of the history of the country and enjoy the wild nature. The next time you have a few days of vacation get ready to enjoy a different way of travel, on foot.

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