Central America

The obstacle that faces the companies that try to trade their products and services in Internet are the lack of knowledge of the advantages that offers half east. The main advantages of the publicity by Internet or and-marketing are the fast pick up of clients and his low cost. The reason is that Internet is interactive means that, unlike means offline (radio, television, ) allows to know the preferences and tendencies consumption of the tentative client and to resume customized information according to them. As any strategy of marketing the new purpose is to catch and to retain cientes. Before penetrating in this world one is due to understand like taking advantage of the channels that Internet offers and in many ocaciones the lack of knowledge is the pricipal cause of incredibleness or resigns of the companies (especially SMEs) in having major is present at online.

For countries of Central America like Panama, Costa Rica and Guatemala the best form to reach foreign hearing and to offer its services and products is through Internet, is with publicity online, email marketing or sem. As we can to improve this process towards Internet? Generating traffic towards the Web site of its company and to improve the value of its mark. In order to reach immediate goal he is fundamental to overcome the barrier of the finders in Internet, it are the method #1 that uses the clients to find what they look for in line. To reach a high ranking in the key words of its industry can provide a torrent of prospectuses that are looking for the type of product and service to him that you offer. In this case it is needed much calm and dedication to reach the first positions in all the searches related to the product that offers.

Main it is to count on a good design and development of its Web site and cathedral. An option is to contract publicity in the motors search that will generer traffic and sales right away to him. In order to improve the value of his mark, it is necessary to identify the needs of the consumers and soon to suggest new possibilities to them of use to foment the association of concepts, to suggest to them that they can yearn for things that are to their reach. Finally it is necessary to stay updated with the forms of marketing in Internet and to choose an agency or consultant endorses that it.

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