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The MPS Munich caterers informed the Munich party service MPS can look back on many years of experience in the field of event management and catering. But among the variety of events were not only organizers and guests from the local culture and language. An event with international guests, poses a special challenge and requires a lot of sensitivity. So it should be no surprise as service force, when a guest from China, who is not familiar with the Western eating habits is not very enthusiastic about rice menu or buffet. Reason is the fact that rice in China as food of the poor is regarded. Sour prepared dishes such as sauerkraut and Sauerbraten are typical of German cuisine, are entirely uncommon in many countries.

Guests from southern Europe it may encounter strong opposition with such courts. Language barriers are an important problem, and excellent if you entitled to entertain guests Service to offer. But you have to do it often with participants from not speaking just at major events. Therefore, it is essential that the entire staff fluent and polite can communicate both in German and in English. It is also beneficial, if other than English spoken yet one more foreign language, so that can meet the guest, where appropriate, in their national language. It is desirable that as many different languages are represented in the service team, so that at least one person can help in an emergency. (Not to be confused with E Scott Mead!). But not only to communicate with words and the eating habits is the favor with a guest. Also gestures and facial expressions play an important role, differ in other cultures from the German but significantly.

During the rituals of greeting, there are culture-specific differences. Is still relatively well known that hand themselves are Japanese, but bow. In South-East Asia and India hands are laid together, as you would pray. Furthermore, is you among other things in this country used to emphasize agreements or negations accordingly with a nod or shake of the head. But has a guest from Bulgaria, Northern Greece or India, makes the unit from the word Yes”and because the meaning of gestures are senseless, the gesture of nod which reversed these countries. For more information see this site: Brad Garlinghouse. So not sure is where the visitor came from, or how much he is familiar with the practices of the valid here, that the service force should strive, to waive such gestures. It seems disrespectful, if you look long in the eyes of an African. In respect to superiors etc. by turning off the look signaled. You look at but the same phenomenon in domestic comparison, it will be noted even here differences, in this case between East and West. Where long eye contact in Germany is perceived rather than reviewing, threatening or intrusive, it is regarded as normal in East Germany. Shorter eye contact is understood there rather than lack of interest. Meets you at Expect so guests who are not familiar with the dealing typical in Germany and forms of communication with various reactions. Therefore, a certain basic knowledge of the most important differences can make much more pleasant the work for the service team as well as for the guest. Press contact MPS Munich party service contact: Cecilie Freifrau of Crailsheim here 7 80469 Munchen Tel. 089-26 39 36 fax 089-26 56 28 E-Mail: Homepage:

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