Causing Pain

I was afraid to lose, cause pain, breathing next to him could not … In general, TALE is over, when my friends saw him on the other night, he wrote me – "that we will not work, I'm sorry" and all …. excruciatingly painful? no worse …. I do not know even what can be compared. At first, stupidly roared and could not understand why, and blamed herself. What I am not a ideal, it is not so I behaved, I'm not too broken up into a pancake, in short that he left me, I blamed only himself. Then more and worse – has become a "cheat" themselves thus further tormented by his heart …

Life is lost meaning has become black – white, no sound, I went as a zombie … ate, drank, slept, missing eyes and inhibited thinking, that's what I gave myself after a month of reflection. At one moment I woke up and decided, come what was not revenge him, but how? That I should not have suffered … but only when faced with powerlessness even more upset. Then it dawned on me inspiration, mixed with nostalgia …. He wrote a touching letter – she assured him that I would be happy that he sorry that I gave up, and so on A little later, she heard the news – he had a son. Midnight Bellow and drawing in my head is not happy now, has decided to put an end forever.

In general, now nearly six months, I very funny … honestly. What a silly I was naive. A girl who wanted a handsome boy as a toy, it was not love but a fad, "I want it! Why is he not mine? I want to be with him! "How I lost while engaged the execution of his desire: not to notice the guys around, has turned himself into a nervous zombie threw a deal, and ultimately did not, it is not the other. Plus gained a lot of problems. And now, looking at everything through the eyes of the surviving, reasonable person, that everything that happened to me, I have created myself. All experiences, tears and frustration. The most my big mistake that I humbled herself, losing her, I became a puppet in his hands and his feelings … Girls! I urge you! Do not humiliate, do not force yourself to suffer, to be with them postrozhe, be a bitch, they like them so. And as the saying goes, one does not go to the river twice, so if he decide to go back, think 100 times before to agree ….

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