Cascading Style Sheets CSS

Although most modern sites created by a team of professional specialization, generalists are also in demand. Web-master, able to perform all work to create and promote the site, useful for creating web sites for small and medium-sized businesses. However, in order to become a professional webmaster, the knowledge and skills which meet the requirements of today need to learn more specialties from different regions. It is clear that a webmaster should know HTML hypertext markup language and be able to make up a web page. It is desirable to create Web sites use a modern language version of XHTML.

In According to the latest trends on the separation of content and design, it should be good to know the possibilities of Cascading Style Sheets CSS, and know how to apply them in practice in the design of Web sites. For the automation of some the user should use the language JavScript. Naturally, a professional web designer should know him well and be able to write fairly complex programs, and use third-party development on their sites. Knowledge of XHTML, CSS and JavScript will create a static site, but today the vast majority of sites are dynamic. In the simplest case, you need to take CMS – content management system, and to build a site based on it.

However, for create a quality site would require additional programming on PHP – the popular language used on most web servers. It is also extremely useful to be able to work with databases MySQL, used by many dynamic Web site. To improve the efficiency of work should have an idea about how to configure the Web server Apache, the database management system MySQL and an interpreter PHP. Recently acquired a particularly popular technology AJAX, which provides an asynchronous user interaction to a server on the Internet. To use this technology, a webmaster than JavScript, and PHP should be able to work with XML and XSL. The ability to handle XML files can useful in many other cases, such as receiving and processing a variety of information from other sites. In addition to the ability to layout web pages and programming in several languages, the webmaster must be a designer illustrator and photographer. He must not only think outside of the site, but also create all the necessary drawings and photographs, as well as to handle them. If necessary, the use of animation, it is useful not only learn the basics work with Flash, but also to know the programming language ActionScript. In addition to drawings, the webmaster should be able to be literate lyrics, interesting and understandable to users of search engine robots. Created by – only a portion of the case, and any website should be optimized for search engines and promote on the Internet. This requires additional knowledge. In addition, for successful web master must be able to work with clients. A professional web master, in charge modern requirements, must know XHTML, CSS, JavScript, PHP, XML, XSL, and be able to apply this knowledge and be an artist, writer and manager. Such a specialist can create a quality site of the company, and the cost is cheaper than working group of specialists narrow profile.

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