Carters Cadillac

Crankcase protection does not apply to motor units, which certification is required by Russian rules, so the state standard on them does not exist. This explains the significant scatter of the parameters of protection Carter, on the Russian market. Consider the major ones. 1. Genuine Original steel crankcase sump protection issued by vehicle manufacturers, are made by stamping on large presses.

Under the protection of all housing is made individually stamped. Deep relief, which tracks the position of the engine compartment units, gives them a high rigidity. They are made of steel sheet thickness of 1.5 – 2 mm. But at the expense of high stiffness effectively protect the crankcase. 2.

Steel sump protection most common in our market. Material – inexpensive steel St3 2 mm thick., At least – 3 mm. They produce many – from fairly large to small firms workshops. The difference is whether the cut piece from a sheet of plasma cutting or guillotine shears. In the first case of protection have smooth contours, the second – crude chopped form. Common to them – a flat sheet, unable to withstand the load and protect the crankcase. Rather, they can be perceived as the anthers, which protect the engine compartment from dirt. Individual manufacturers crankcase roller rolls on its products three or four shallow edges stiffness, or applied within the sheet several times with a small stamp. It's better than nothing, but relief tough defense should be deep and not divided into separate fragments. None of the manufacturers of protective housing for Except AvtoSchIT company does not make ribs to protect the 3 mm thick.

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