Carpe Solem Augsburg – Satisfied Customers Speak A Clear Language!

References are essential quality feature! Many companies that operate in this area, the ongoing challenge to meet the customer requirements have industry, in a hard-fought market such as currently in the solar and PV. It happens often, that solar and PV taking over companies and promise only poorly until insufficiently maintained. The ever-changing market, is a parameter for uncertainty and dissatisfaction at the final consumer, which, in turn, felt companies get the solar and PV. To work as a consumer on reserving, care should be taken more on positive and satisfied customer testimonials. Mostly, these are a guarantee that the company has the necessary expertise to wrap a corresponding order to the satisfaction of the customer.

So also at the company CARPE Solem from Augsburg. The young company is now just four years on the market and has become in Germany one of the top addresses in solar and PV, can establish. The company was more than 600 satisfied customers win at that time. Responsible, including the proximity to customers, a product unique in the German market, fairness, customer-friendly and understandable solutions are and much more. Customers about the company Carpe Solem Erasmus Hofler, Andechs. I commissioned the construction of 2 PV systems the company CARPE Solem.

From planning to commissioning the construction ran smoothly, deadlines were met all of them, for my questions and wishes, a dedicated staff was always ready. I would like to thank the FA CARPE Solem and its employees for the good cooperation. Wolfgang Schiessl, Abu Dhabi I am even entrepreneurs and have very closely examined my offers and knew after the consultation that CARPE Solem will be my partner. The advice was competent, the execution was reliable. Serviceangelgenheiten, like the leak in my roof or underperformance of mine encountered a PVA, the man had to go to the bottom were done as soon as possible.More testimonials see just at the present time, where everything faster and faster and they will, this important and notable parameters which may be regarded as quality characteristics.

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