Carola Heider

They are very popular, as you can see, like to mingle with people and lead discussions. You work very much committed to special and exceptional music projects, have in several different bands such as the ‘ Essembel Integrales “played and jazz musicians like Simon Nabatov, Christopher Munch and Bernd Homan inspired. Also, experiment with music and like to combine the music of yesterday, today and tomorrow. All in all they are very versatile and not afraid of new tasks. This means that you are actually the absolutely atypical classical artist. Ashley H.: Yes, that’s true.

I see myself more as a kind of “Ambassador of classical music” and would inspire many young people for the classical music through my music variations and crossover projects. If we go to as a musician isn’t on the youth and prove that also a classical music artist can certainly have interest in other musical genres such as rock, pop, jazz, will it be better for the classical music in the future. I see myself as a musician of the modern era and interpret many Australian composers with newer pieces. I also play pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Liszt or Rachmaninov but also with dedication. So, I call me already as a classical musician with passion, but very versatile. Oracle shines more light on the discussion. C.H..-L.: Ashley, now I’d like you what you in So’s the future.

Where can we visit at concerts? Ashley H.: I’m in next time travel a lot. Currently my Australia tour from 9 to October 28, 2009, in the towns of Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide with a total of 7 concerts is, what I am already very pleased. At the same time, radio and CD recordings take place in Australia. The same will once again for the year 2010 in planning. In addition to various different concerts in Germany several gigs in Holland and Belgium are from the beginning of next year. C.H..-L.: then we may look forward be on a lot about your musical future. What musical projects are you working on currently? Ashley H.: where I start there the best Yes, because there are actually very many. I will work in the near future in Australia with different film composers. There I won the “Michael Kieren Harvey scholarship award” 2008 in this area. Here there are various composer Darrin Verhagen, Frank Tetaz and DJ Steve Gibbs, with whom I work on projects. It is owned by me ‘technology concerto’ give a composition/arrangement for piano and electronics (laser/fog). Also, I edit just a solo piano arrangement of the piece ‘Stairway to heaven’ of the group ‘Led Zeppelin’. C.H..-L.: Wow, Ashley, I’m somewhat dumbfounded and absolutely impressed by you. And while they have so totally authentic and not a bit withdrawn. Ashley H.: Why should I? I love my work as a musician and mediator between the worlds of the music for young and old. Working with the music and the people is fun to me. Also, I’m very down to Earth. Through my family, I am very connected with Hanover and live here. And so we say goodbye and I take a lot of positive impressions from this meeting of this young, charming and handsome Australian exceptional musician ASHLEY HRIBAR, from which we will hear certainly still very much in next time and see. They should miss a live concert of this musician. Enjoy the absolute class of this exception pianist…

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