Just a little fact, the data of the credit card users through the CardCheckService would be protected, would have the Kreditdatenverlust in Spain in 2009 of is by far not so serious consequence. At the service, which uses biometric data of its customers it may not be missing on the security. The service developer are fully aware of this responsibility and of course have taken all necessary security measures. So, for example no images of the fingerprints are stored or sent through the network. The fingerprints are created on the computer of the user by means of a client template (mathematical formulas). These templates are kept physically and geographically with the personal data of users on different servers.

I.e. that even if all the data are stolen from the server with biometric data, it will be for the scammers not be worth, as they are ultimately only a few combinations in the had, which indicate no specific people. During the identification Creates a data package on the user’s computer which is also encrypted when sending through the network. Furthermore located at each scan of the same finger a unique impression, which depends on the rotation of the finger around two axes, printed power etc.. This differs every data packet that is created from the same finger at each reading.

We leave behind a hash that is compared when with the already existing on the server of each scanning process. The service should get two absolutely identical data packets, the identification is rejected. And last, the users of our services can create by hand the identification rules. In this case, a person is only successfully identified when she logs on to z.B 2 registered fingers in a specific order. The same finger, in a different order are not accepted by the service. You can read about more identification rules and safety measures on our side. Many Internet users use regular 15 or more pages, and consume a lot of creative energy and time to create and manage this access data. And yet one or the other password not springs at the decisive moment. It’s a pity really. You could forget this unpleasant situations with Gaus24.

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