Capitalist Accumulation

Franois Quesnay (1985) privileges the social wealth (value of use) in detriment of the capitalist accumulation (value of exchange), questioning ' ' society of ter' ' (consumerism) for ' ' society of ser' '. In synthesis, the fisiocratas in the long run searched the conditions of a reproduction of the social life, presenting one low concern with the process of capitalist accumulation. The analysis of the estimated ones that they guide this conception of sustainable development allows understanding in them that, in the logic of the self-sufficiency and the auto-regulation, the relation work and environment point with respect to the subsuno of the work to the nature and ' ' of the individual to the community, becoming it a mere function social' ' (MAZZOTTI, 1998). Finally, one third conception of sustainable development has as perspective ' ' support democrtica' ' , ' ' understood as the process for which the societies manage the conditions material of its reproduction, redefining the ethical and sociopolticos principles that guide the distribution of its resources ambientais' ' (ACSELRAD, 2001; LEROY, 1999). It considers a change of the hegemonic paradigm of economic development, on the basis of principles of social justice, overcoming of socioeconmica inaquality anchored democratic construction in the dynamism of the social actors. It brings the quarrel of the support for the field of the social relations, analyzing the social forms of appropriation and use of the resources and the environment. It understands that the slight knowledge of support and sustainable development are social constructions fruit of the shock politician enter some actors in search of hegemony of its position. In this perspective, the market leaves of being a privileged actor of the development and the economicista vision of a model that privileges the economic growth disrespecting the finite character of the natural resources, also yields place to a perspective of democratic development, that if carries through in the partition of the social wealth and in the distribution of the control on the resources, proceeding from the nature, explicitando the matrix politician of this appropriation.

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