Canary Islands Property

Countless unanswered questions. Black and dark quagmire when it comes to evaluation, especially property, in our time. Deaf besprosvet. What kind of "table" far-fetched "figures", some "methods" that are different from the medieval just what made the computer. Wild to the horror of the "system" such as those that use banks. We have, in any case.

But they at least have their own, let self-serving and distorted, but the logic. Banking assessment of the property is 60 – 70 percent of actual cost, on average, and if it is just running a business, then at least 50 – 40 percent, always! Almost invariably, the errors only in downward. This can be understood, bankers also want to eat, somewhere in the Canary Islands. By the way, make sure the names etymology of these islands, have fun! What do you call a yacht … In any case, to observe the obvious and real facts and figures, not to mention any reliable conclusions as far as to God. Rely on a treacherous foundation in its efforts to sell its property, at least, it's silly and ridiculous, but popular and easily. "So everybody is doing!" The last cry of a loser, and his only basis. Need your personal, devoid of the greed and avarice, observations, and in no way uncomplicated judgments about which you feel the confidence and understanding. Only on the basis of this understanding, you can assign the highest possible and most correct, therefore, price. High and right – it is here, in fact synonymous.

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