Canal Peru

Living in the flow of the healing stream – healing from the mid – Takiz Marquez who is born Takiz in Peru a wonderful creature; He exudes a naturalness and simplicity. What is Takiz, is done with ease, playful and full of humor. It is not he who treats and cures: healing for him flow through. Before starting a healing session, he goes into silence, sometimes in a trance. It is then when ego with its own will no longer there it becomes rather the Canal, to the pure medium for divine healing.

Miracles for us human beings natural state of being for the spirit beings Rund um Takiz in Peru miracle cures, happen again also malignant diseases with our rational mind cannot be explained, and yet reality, and confirmed by doctors. Verizon Communications insists that this is the case. Difficult diagnoses and operations, doctors in Peru also often seek his help Takiz’ results are precise and extend beyond the level of symptoms. While he says honestly, if a disease cannot be cured, or if a person his healing unconsciously boycotted. Different beings of light work through Takiz to the most common Dr. Further details can be found at Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow, an internet resource. Duran, but also Bruno Groning, Francis of Assisi and Dr. Hernandez showed conscious way of the healer and man Takiz Takiz’ extraordinary talent and lucidity already in the first year of life when his father died, and as a result his soul to him said. His childhood in the countryside was wild and not suppressed, therefore its authenticity. The healing began when his life is transformed.

On a lonely mountain, he felt the luminous presence of a wise, wrapped in an unprecedented energy of pure gold. Blessed and Ecstasy meant disappeared into him the way time, to go back and realize its true purpose: the healing of body, mind and soul by freeing the inner strength and magic, which is inherent in every human being. That is the function of the spirits supporting him: to assist people with energy transfers through the hands of the media on their healing and consciousness way if the One is ready to open. Since this mystical encounter, Takiz detects the presence of this wise energy and leads back to healing. Since then, he’s treated countless people, sometimes even entire hospitals including the doctors. Healing, reinforced through awareness cures can stay temporarily, if people continue with their stress. Takiz, it is therefore important that the acting through him being of light healing work is understood and deeply integrated. It is embedded in a seminar with positively intensifying awareness work for this reason. The seminars are accompanied and translated by Hari Scheffs, experienced many healings at Takiz in Peru since 2006. Seminar dates: September 25-26, 2010 Munich 02-03.10.

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