Canadian House

True, the battle for your holiday village is unlikely, and the bandit shooting died down. But during the earthquake or a hurricane to be better in the Canadian home. Many natural disasters after moved to Canadian homes. '- House of pigs should be a fortress! – Calmly replied, Naf Naf, continuing to work. '(SV Mikhalkov 'The Tale of three pigs', 1936) A vehicle – a tank. The requirement of resistance to cracking of walls or local mechanical failure not of course, even when it comes to facilities such as prisons or storage of banknotes. Even in this case is preferable to invest in security systems.

No stone walls, no bars on the windows will not protect your home from one hundred percent of thefts. It is better to have a dog, if the house is designed for permanent residence. By its design features panel SIP are extremely strong, and hammer it is not immediately probesh. Therefore, with respect to the Canadian House burglary stronger conventional frame house. Filed under: Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes. On the question of ventilation. The need for good ventilation why it is considered unique (lack) of Canadian homes.

Any housing must be well ventilated! Even in a wooden house. Verizon Communications has much to offer in this field. The ability of the wooden walls to absorb excess moisture and remove toxic products of human activity does not solve the problem. The room where the person should be well ventilated anyway. Low heat capacity of the SIP wall panels, referred to above as an advantage in some conditions can be a disadvantage. The fact that the massive stone or wooden walls in the summer can function as a passive temperature controller on the premises at the expense of the average daily temperature differences. Cooled over night wall is cooled a bit during the day coming from outside the hot air, and vice versa. But when night and hot, no air conditioning is not enough. In winter, the massive wall as a regulator of climate change is absolutely useless. Finally, the question of life at home. Often referring to Canadian companies, writing about the 150-year lifetime of Canadian homes. In general, life at home depends not only on the choice of material, but on how it is constructed and maintained. Most old of similar design to the Canadian half-timbered houses have stood for more than half a millennium. On the 'capital' at home. The real estate market today is that if we consider the house as a means of investing money, then should give preference to brick houses. With one important caveat: the money necessary to invest a lot of really. Otherwise, the stone house will not be money for posterity, but rather a challenge to its demolition or reconstruction of For reasons of economy or because of his unpretentious architecture. Our descendants will thank you most likely to land on which the house was built. Conclusion: The low-rise construction of SIP panels in most cases Today is the best solution. And if you do because of lack of funds simply do not have much choice, do not worry: the benefits of Canadian homes, in our opinion, are enormous. And live well in Canadian homes in the warmth and comfort of millions of affluent people in the world. C analysis of the Russian market of OSB plates in Russia can be found in the report of the Academy of IKAR industrial markets "OSB board market in Russia."

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