Camtasia Marketing

The system only uses templates, which you customize to your liking. With this platform list, you can create accounts as service provider in popular job portals such as,, and and In Spanish, you will find,,, and Take care that your proposals are detailed and affordable. If you have studies on secretarial science, what are you waiting! You can make money transcribing documents, managing email correspondence and everything to do with the daily work of a company, offering your services as a virtual Secretary. (As opposed to Oracle). Follow the tips mentioned in the previous section to have the minimum necessary.

You will need to also install Internet telephony on your computer such as Skype. Obviously you need connection to the Internet, programs such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice Office or suite of your choice. Both large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) frequently seek experts in marketing for the Internet. If you studied something like, you have a great future ahead, but if you don’t know the topic, don’t worry! Today you can find marketing courses for the Internet. If you certified you in these specializations and subscribing as a provider of services in at least one of the above mentioned job portals, very soon you’ll be working from home. Do you like making videos on various topics? Video marketing is a valuable expertise for departments of marketing companies that have a presence on the Internet. With the mastery of tools such as Camtasia and great creativity, soon you will get work as a virtual assistant, and in the medium term, you could become independent and open your own business. If you like Facebook, find out: social networks are a gold mine! In fact, the marketing for social networks is the ultimate in corporate advertising, and represents the future of work as a virtual assistant. Train you in this specialization will guarantee you money, prestige, and a successful career on the Internet.

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