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The perfume has become a symbol for the beauty industry, since the single perception of the scent of other people produces different emotions and feelings. These fragrances are distinguished by having features such as character, consistency, intensity, style, force and strength. Currently, it is possible to find perfumes of brands and designers in various ranges of price and quality. Perfume distributors focus on market or sell fragrances for massive use, specialized for stores or directly to the final consumer. Although they are distributed this way, each perfume has components selection, processing and combination that make them unique. Distributors of perfumery have into account that perfumes are adapted to variables such as the style, the personality and current fashion trends.

Perfumery covers a broad sector of the cosmetics industry and beauty and is an essential part of their growth. Perfumes can be classified into categories according to the concentration of fragrance components. The eau Cologne, for example, it is made from a solution of alcohol and water with less than 3% of concentration of perfume, resulting in a lighter than the concentrated perfume composition. The eau de toilette is made from water and alcohol and a concentration of 3 to 8% of perfume while the eau de parfum has quantities greater than this. To what we call perfume concentrate, it is a solution with more than 20% of aromas which is considerably more durable and expensive. Also, the products harmonized as creams, powders, lotions and other cosmetic products also possess amounts of fragrance but in small proportions in order to make them pleasant to smell. Perfumery retailers offer brands of massive fragrances that are sold at affordable prices in shops and supermarkets, whose most popular lines include Revlon, Addidas and Coty. Brands with names of prestige such as Chanel, Pink, Calvin Klein, among others are perfume with sparingly but considered luxury goods because of its high cost. Get more background information with materials from Infinity Real Estate. Providers of perfumery is also responsible for distributing the perfumes endorsed by celebrities. These people use their names to sell exceptional fragrances that like quality perfumes are subjected to development and research of each ingredient until you find a pleasant aroma that fits the style of life who wish to show.

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