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UKIS PlantLink allows the integration of the Siemens SCADA system SPPA-T3000 system information UKIS PlantLink allows the integration of the Siemens SCADA system SPPA-T3000 with investment information. Stuttgart, February 24, 2009 – with UKIS you receive from the Stuttgart-based software company HAUK & SASKO a transparent court system documentation. Seamless integration with the Siemens of power station Automation control technology system is new to the web-based information system SPPA-T3000. UKIS PlantLink power station wait staff provides direct access in the SPPA-T3000 system on the operating manual, system documentation, and instructions. The documents can be linked automatically flags also based on PPS or RDS-PP with the Siemens control system which greatly reduces the effort for the establishment of a comprehensive access to investment information. Numerous other features support the planning processes, communication of stakeholders, as well as the acquisition of documentation by contractors etc.

This includes viewing and redlining of CAD drawings in the browser, the use of all relevant data formats and the ability to manage versions of technical documentation and to show the differences in the versions by a corresponding comparison functionality. HAUK & SASKO INGENIEURGESELLSCHAFT mbH Zettachring 2 70567 Stuttgart ukis plant documentation press contact: Antje Will Email: Tel: 0711-72589-0 company HAUK & SASKO the Stuttgart-based software specialist HAUK & SASKO was founded in 1950 as engineer for electrical engineering in Bochum. 1981, the Division of information systems was founded in Stuttgart. The goal: information to develop, overcome information barriers in companies. These include for example solutions for knowledge and document management, for the technical system documentation, intranet platforms and for fuel management and material flow management. Customers include companies in the sectors of energy and waste disposal, Chemicals and pharmaceuticals, food and trade, as well as manufacturing and services.

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