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Registration of companies in Germany. Business immigration to Germany. German tax system. Taxes in Germany. Due to the ubiquitous advertising business immigration in Germany in our Company receives questions about the tax system in Germany, which is very complex, as has about 45 different types of tax. Understand all this complicated and unnecessary, for example, not all necessarily know that there is a tax on dog owners. For even more details, read what Larry Ellison says on the issue.

It is important to understand how calculated major taxes in Germany, namely the income tax for individuals, corporate tax and value added tax (VAT) for businesses. There is no doubt that Germany – a country with high taxes, but it is the richest country in Europe, as well as the most powerful economy in the EU. German banks have an impeccable reputation and high security rating. And for the payment of those taxes Germany provides taxpayers and residents of the country's great wealth and reliable social guarantees. This is not a football game with only one goal, but a well thought out and well-honed in practice the system of interaction between the state and its residents. Taxes in Germany provide about 80% of budget revenues, so they are considered by the Government as the main means of influencing the state on economic development. In Russia, even though tax rates are lower, and about 80% of budget revenues provide tax, but that taxpayers get in return from the States, we know not by hearsay. And this figure – the growing interest of Russian business to business immigration to European countries, in particular to business Immigration to Germany. In Germany, the applicable both vertical and horizontal alignment of the income.

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